George Prew

Proud to be the world's first 'classic' parts supplier for the RGS George remains faithful to the principle he worked to when rebuilding his first Rocket Gold Star. 'Always strive for an emphasis on quality rather than become a slave to low prices at the expense of sound manufacturing standards.' Today 99% of the annual turnover comprises new parts which are often sourced and manufactured in the UK. On occasions he has new old stock items from the days when BSA were building the RGS.

Current top sellers include clip-ons, rear set footrests, Gold Star headlight brackets, shock absorbers, taper roller steering head bearings, magnetic alloy sump kits, front fork double damper kits which John Gleed helped develop and many other front fork parts.

All of which and much more can be found on George Prew's regular stands at many major UK shows and autojumbles.

Alternatively orders are welcomed by surface mail (include SAE please) and fax or during business hours 9am - 6pm) Monday to Saturday by telephone. Orders may be placed with debit card payment. Although the business accepts credit cards too as no costs for c/c transactions have been factored into the pricing structure in an effort to maintain this practice debit card payments are favoured.


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